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Madonna sandra bernhard dating

“I don’t think I’ve ever compromised that and I respect myself too much to tear myself down for the sake of a joke,” she says, before biting into a tempura fish sandwich. So are the people who admire my work.” Bernhard’s performances, which mix cabaret with stand-up, are like drinking a double shot of espresso.

The civil rights activists she mentions—including folks such as Patti Smith and Nina Simone—are people she’s seen onstage.

Now, Sandra has given an interview and she says the whole thing was for show."I didn't sleep with Madonna.

We were pulling everybody's chains, creating a media frenzy."It certainly did that.

Minutes before we drop Griffith off so that Bernhard and I can continue to our scheduled lunch interview, the car stops at a poster of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2016 campaign, which stars Bernhard.

The image is a tribute to Bernhard’s nearly 40 years as a stage performer (creating groundbreaking works, such as 1988’s Without You I’m Nothing), actress (in pioneering roles on shows such as Roseanne and Difficult People), singer (Bernhard has released numerous albums), author (she’s written three books) and designer/pop star muse (witness her scene-stealing in documentaries such as Madonna’s Truth or Dare and Isaac Mizrahi’s Unzipped).

She's coming to the UK for a very special performance of her hilarious new show, Sandemonium.

It promises to be an event not-to-be-missed, an intoxicating mix of stand-up comedy and rock 'n' roll, with Sandra being joined onstage by the excellent Sandyland Squad Band.

I never understood the attraction the two had for each other, but then again, I don't understand most things in life.

Sandra says she has not spoken to Madonna in many years.

She basically called Madonna out and said that while Sandra keeps her friends forever, Madonna basically uses them until she has no need for them any longer.

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