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"I heard that r5, which is why she moved on to someone who could really fuck her and get her pregnant.

The most obvious is Mimi Rogers' Playboy interview where she said Tom Cruise is like a monk and they never have sex.

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I was pretty nuts , so we took it really seriously.

'Those party scenes might look fun but Seth kept us in line man.

It's why the sexiest thing a man can say to his partner is 'I got this,' and then take care of whatever needs taken care of.

"I always reasoned: 'If you just tell me what you want me to do, I'll gladly do it.' "But she didn't want to be my mother.

She ALWAYS did -- hell, I don't know -- 65- or 70-ish percent of every house chore (dating back to my college apartment when we first got together).

Like many adults, we both grew up watching our moms do most of the housework while our dads went off to work and mostly stuck to "man chores" like mowing grass, shoveling snow, sanding and staining decks, cleaning the gutters, taking out the trash, etc.

She wanted to be my partner, and she wanted me to apply all of my intelligence and learning capabilities to the logistics of managing our lives and household.

"She wanted me to figure out all of the things that need done, and devise my own method of task management.

She felt like my mom because I never took the initiative to identify the needs of our son nor the needs of the household, and then set up whatever personal system I needed in order to get things done.

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