Updating wireless adaptor

You need to buy the right one, otherwise you won’t be able to screw it into place securely once you’ve plugged it in.The next thing to check is the antenna configuration.If your existing card has only two leads leading away from it, you’re limited to two-stream wireless cards, such as the Intel Wi Fi Link 5100 or the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205.

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You can pick up an Intel Wi Fi Link 5100 card – now a generation old, but still a pretty good performer – from as little as ten dollars.

PERFORMANCE GAINS To give you an idea of the sort of performance gains you might expect, we replaced the top-end Intel Wi Fi Link 5300 card in our test laptop with the cheaper, single-band two-stream Azure Wave unit from another system.

Many budget and even pricier models still sport bargain-basement, single-band wireless cards, and only business machines regularly feature dual-band models.

Even fewer boast the top-end three-stream variants.

Under Network adapters, if you see a yellow mark, the network driver has problems.

You can use Windows to check if an updated driver is available. Go to Device Manager and expand category Network adapters. Right-click on the network device name, and then select Driver Update Software… Select Search automatically for updated driver software. The above steps above may resolve the problem, but if they not, try to update the drivers using Driver Easy.

Note you need to have access to internet to run Driver Easy.

If you don’t have internet due to missing network driver, you’re advised to use Offline Scan feature of Driver Easy to download and install the network driver.

It's not clear right now what this update adds, but it bumps the firmware version to 1.3.8350.

Just open up the Wireless Display Adapter settings in Windows, and select the Firmware section to find and download the update.

I can watch videos on the extended display, but say streaming youtube and simply moving the mouse onto the second screen over top of the video while it is playing causes the audio to skip and so does the video.

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