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As another note, we don’t support using Windows XP as a web server for either Sage CRM or for the Web Portal in Sage 300 ERP.

I think the idea is that it then leverages the better developer tools in VS for debugging and such. Otherwise checkout out Pervasive’s web site for new features like multi-core support.

Crystal 2011 We now fully support designing reports with Crystal Reports 2011.

The most obvious one is that the SQL Server Management Studio is now built on the Visual Studio 2012 platform. One notable “feature” of this product is that product licensing and activation are more stringent.

Besides some color and style changes it appears pretty much the same to me as the previous one, only now it takes much longer to start up. You cannot share licenses and your computer must be on-line to validate your activation code.

NET Framework 4” (strangely rather than for Crystal Reports 2011). Our current plans are to bundle SP3 of this runtime and its internal version is

Since we are just starting regression on the 2012 release, there is some chance that we will end up bundling SP4 if it comes out soon. We did tweak a small number of reports, but these tended to be things that were already wrong.In fact the Sage 300 Web Portal no longer supports IE 8 so you will need to use one of these browsers to access it.For Sage CRM (and the Quotes to Orders function), we still support IE 8.From our own surveys we know we have a large number of users still running on XP and that people may not want to have to buy new computers until absolutely necessary.The worst thing about XP is that Microsoft doesn’t support IE 9 there and that IE8 is quite slow and buggy.Virtualization Here we support Citrix Xen Apps, VMware ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1, and Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 – Hyper V.

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