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A recent study by the University of the West of Scotland found that women with prominent, sharply raised points or ‘tubercles’ on their upper …

Continue reading By Claudia Lin Ladies, now there’s more than one reason to check out a guy’s ring fingers.

The dating site recently did research into which snaps fare the best, and resulting are surprising.

(Hint: Skin is in.)Oktrend, the official blog of Ok Cupid, published an extensive report today that gives the rundown on the four biggest myths with regard to profile pics.

He says her eyes are like stars in the sky, her lips like luscious rose blossoms…but what is actually going on in his brain?

A study of attractiveness by Harvard University researchers found that looking at pictures of gorgeous women like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes the same reaction in a man’s brain “reward centre” as cocaine, …That's right, classic courtship rules appear to be holding strong in the 21st century, with men acting as the pursuers and women waiting to be pursued.Personally, I found that a lot more shocking (and saddening) than the fact that guys dig skin and girls like muscle.Presence or absence of the ring aside, it appears that the longer a man’s fourth finger is compared to his index finger, the longer his *ahem* penis, according to a new study released on 4 July 2011 in …Continue reading By Emily Wong This has been an age-old problem.Interesting note on the way in which the research was conducted.

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