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The power of Skype to break down distance barriers is tremendous.

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Family meetings can be one of the most effective ways of conducting elder care planning as it’s important to keep everyone on the same page.

It helps to meet in-person, but if you are a long-distance caregiver, all is not lost — it’s a great idea to establish a network of friends and family in the vicinity who can check-in on Dad or Mom.

Of course, there’s always face-to-face contact, snail mail and written notes too.

Whether you prefer modern technology or old-fashioned pen and paper, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help families stay in contact and monitor ongoing caregiving needs.

Caregivers can also send pictures of loved ones or daily updates through email and text messages.

Of course, don’t forget that a quick phone call can often resolve a problem more quickly than an email or text.This table will help you determine if your bandwidth is adequate.Find out the requirements for communicating with Skype.“One-on-one interaction is important to keep your loved one socialized and stimulated, not to mention, people in your network can let you know if they observe anything out of the ordinary,” said Joan Lunden in “Caregiving Tips From Joan Lunden: 6 Ways to Stay Connected.“ Joan Lunden also says she frequently sends her mom mail — either letters or just brief postcards — to let her know that she’s thinking of her. agrees: she types up her letters to her mom on the computer, where she can insert photos of her family, and then prints them out to send.This is also a nice way to keep extended family apprised of a senior loved one’s activities and health.Use Skype to bring your congregation together with a sister church.

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