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Yes, the syntax might be more unwieldy but it works in a much wider range of browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9, Opera.

There are even -moz-, -o- and -ms- prefixes for something that is not present in any specification, and is therefore unlikely to ever be supported by any non-Web Kit browser, which further contributes to the misdirection.

A while back, I wrote about how detrimental to our work and industry such proprietary features can be.

When Web Kit fixes this bug, we can even move the pattern to a separate SVG file and reference it from there.

In case you’re wondering about semantics, the element is considered “flow content” and is therefore allowed in heading elements.

It was precisely at Beechen Cliff that a young Andrew, at fourteen years old, stepped on stage for the first time.

He played the Artful Dodger in a school production of Oliver Twist.

La dependencia informó que los requisitos que deberán presentar las personas que quieran realizar el trámite por primera vez son los siguientes: oficio de aprobación de examen de manejo emitido por la Dirección General de Seguridad Pública Estatal, identificación oficial vigente (acta de nacimiento, cartilla militar, pasaporte, IFE), y comprobante de domicilio (luz, agua, teléfono o cable) con una antigüedad máxima de dos meses de antigüedad.

Aspirants come from diverse academic backgrounds – Agriculture, Arts, , Commerce, Engineering, Law, Literature, Management, Medical, , Science etc.

If you prefer to remain anonymous in Party Chat, click the "eye" icon in your chat bar. COM Gold Show (Goal show / One Time Fee): GOLD Shows are "group" private shows in which the performer explains what will happen for a specified duration of time if they raise the total amount requested in GOLD pledges.

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