Updating ps3

3 system becoming outdated or missing out on cool new features.

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When Wii64 started, as a team, we were all just university students messing about with our new understanding on how hardware works.

Fast forward 5 years, we have mortgages to pay, relationships, etc…

In the interim, we’ve removed the non pure interpreter out of Wii64 as it was never working nor going to be useful for us.

Rec2 is actually at the point of being coded now but not in a working state obviously as there is still the current recompiler to rip out.

To update your PS3 you will either need an internet connection to your PS3 or access to a computer with internet and a USB memory stick.

If you have an internet connection to your PS, simply go to settings on the XMB and select system update at the top of the list.

Use Scene Search to easily navigate through your saved videos, like chapters on a DVD.

Or set it up to watch your videos one after the other to keep the entertainment going. Now you can start an Internet search directly from the XMB™ screen.

Select download from internet, follow the on screen instructions, and the update will download and install.

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