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That is why, for all its fornication and extremely rude talk. — -John Powers GALLERY HOP ON VIDEO Until recently no one has regularly ex- plained the New York contemporary-art scene on tape.

Last November, Art Today appeared: a ten-issues- per-year video "magazine" that covers the current top ten to fifteen shows in town.

C., at the Nat10n.1I Museum of Amer- ican Art and the N.itional Por- trait (lallery, from March 30 through August 19. — live Auchiucloss 25 With what pen did Siri^i "The Case Book c' It isn't much of a mystery.

, Sifting through the evidence, one can deduce Arthur Conan Doyle chose an original Parker Duofol Introduced in 1921, the Parker Duofold ("Writing Pressureless Way ') quickly became by far the most p ; lar pen of its time.

"Never mind," said Hdmes, laughing; "it is my businen to lo ihings. T ' A Case of Identity So impressed was the author of Sherlock Hoi that during the time he wrote the famous detectives adventures, he also Ifound time to write to us.

Perhaps I have trained my^self to see what others overlool not, why ^lould you cwne to consult me? "I have at last met my affinity in pens," he wro Lord Molesworth, a member of the Parker Pen Board Directors. 7 broad (nib) is what I have needed al life" (Exhibit A).

Ob- viously, texture, tone, and color suffer, but watching these tapes is the next-best thing to being there.

Critics such as Hilton Kra- mer and curators like Lisa A new video majjazine tours the top ten art shows.

Each Par ^^ nib is still cut and pressed from 18 karat gold (Exhib '^J^f and split from tip to heart by hand, using a blade n thicker than a human hair (Exhibit C).

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