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Well, it turns out the feeling is definitely mutual.

“The most inspiring thing was just seeing him do it,” he told PEOPLE. I think a lot of writers spend years just getting up the courage to write because it seems like such a fantasy of a profession.

My dad saved me all that time by making me think, ‘Oh, anyone can be a writer. Rowling, Lee-Anne Walter, jailed Egyptian novelist Ahmed Najl and Dr.

St (which he co-created), he wants to encourage people to express themselves.

“They all come from my love of expression and finding a way to express that,” he said.

“So that’s not very helpful for other people.” Even if she had a single friend in need, Kaling says she’d be of no help.

“As someone who is probably classified by many people as a know-it-all, this would be one area where I truly cannot,” she says.

worries.” Admitting she can be “a very anxious and high-strung person,” the actress says her friends help keep her grounded.

“I have a very good close friends who help keep things in perspective for me,” she says.

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