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He can hop on a private jet, he can fly to anywhere in the world, he has access to everything. It’s something that I, as an actor, you would, hopefully, aspire to have a big film career but I would never want to be at his level because that life would be pretty tough. This business is all about relationships and, obviously, can get really dark really quickly.

Paris Hilton is another name that comes in the list.

Do Hollywood stars really have dating contracts that specify what the less famous person in the relationship can and can’t do?

There’s a fascination, I think, with the life of celebrity, with the lives of movie stars you’ve seen on the cover of magazines for however long tabloids have been around. If you’re meant to be with somebody, I think it’s easily possible to have some sort of a moment where you’re like, “Wow! I don’t know what they did to me, but I’ve got to figure it out and I can’t let this person get away until I do.” That’s exactly what happens to Kyle and Megan. Do you feel that Kyle is being controlled by Terence or do you believe that he still has free will?

People can’t get enough of it and this show is tapping into that world. I think Kyle has so much trust in Terence that I don’t think he lets him control him but he listens to what Terence has to say.

Josh and Andrea Boehlke were spotted together at "Nautica Men's Spring 2014" fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

They soon fell for one another but they remained together till the year 2016.Megan may be a novice but I think in the last episode she proved that she’s way smarter than people give her credit for.She may be more than Kyle bargained for, don’t you think? Megan truly loves Kyle and she’s really hoping that this whole thing works out, but she’s a strong woman, she really is.I can go to Starbucks every day, I can go out to restaurants, and I can go and jog.That’s not to say the paparazzi won’t follow me, but I can at least go and do it.It also is tough for someone who really doesn’t know anybody but wants to make it and what people are willing to do to achieve their dreams.

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