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So now my emotions are so intense I feel like I could burst and feel really bad about it.

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Resist the urge to be defensive, even if it is warranted for the time being, and also refrain from asking the question that may be obvious to you, "But why didn’t you say anything until now?

" If she said something then, chances are passive-aggressive behavior would not even be an issue.

It may seem like a hassle, especially if it happens a lot, but realize that this woman that you love and care for is uncomfortable and is asking for your help, so devote your undivided attention to her for a few minutes—in time you will not be disappointed.

Since her behavior most likely stems from having a hard time dealing with negative emotions she feels toward someone she loves, she’ll require constant reassurance while she develops the good habit of expressing her frustrations and fears comfortably with you. Over time, she’ll feel free to express herself and will be able to very openly and maturely start discussions about things that bother her.

She means I am upset about something but am afraid to express myself to you because I do not want to jeopardize the bond that we share.

I would really like you to inquire about what’s wrong and pay attention to what I have to say because it’s important to me.

Once you’ve begun seeing a girl on a fairly regular basis, or you think you will likely start seeing her soon, you should be doing a lot of what I call passive screening in addition to any other screening you’re doing. This is hands down the most effective way to really learn about your girl – how devoted is she, how much will she work for the relationship, how high or low risk is she.

Keeping an eye on your woman’s actions, learning about her from.

Working on correcting passive-aggressive tendencies will make for a more emotionally stable and healthy relationship with your partner.

Here is a guide to defusing the top two passive-aggressive behaviors in relationships: The Silent Treatment–She Says…Nothing despondently while bearing a sad look on her face, shoulders facing downward in "mope" stance.

Usually it has been ingrained in a person’s personality as an emotional coping mechanism for a long time.

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