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I brought my mirror close, and saw, along the curves of my vulva, a few tiny, pale, almost translucent nubby growths, speckled all over like mushrooms in a forest after it rained.

I counted maybe five of them as I squatted in all sorts of positions in the tiny office bathroom. I made an emergency appointment with my gynecologist, but I already knew what was going on: I had genital warts, a form of HPV. And I felt like my independent sex life, which was just only beginning, was over.

It may put you in pain, sorrow, or even solitude situation.

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Dating with warts Free sex chat without signup and no private chat

I knew very little about sexual health or my own body at that point, but I knew enough to know that this was no good.

I was 23, and in the midst of what a polite person might have called "sowing my wild oats," but which I thought of as "touching as many penises as I could find." I'd finally extricated myself from the messed-up, controlling relationship that I'd spent all of college floundering around in, I'd moved to a new city, and I was finding that my favorite place to learn more about myself was on top of someone else's naked body.

Learn about HPV medical treatments and exchange information and much more, who knows, perhaps you can get your true love from here!

Join HPV Dating Free and meet people living with HPV who want to meet you too!

I can also understand why you'd be scared, as you probably don't know that much about the virus.

First off it's one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and you are more than likely to come across it in your life time.

So, having HPV is absolutely not the reason to give up on life and other valuable things.

Meet other people living with HPV and share your HPV treatment experiences.

When you decided to have sex, use a condom, it's great protection and to lower your chances even more of catching it, have sex with a condom when there are no visible warts present And you will not get it by the exposure you mention in your post Oh i'm sorry, your profile says your a 25 year old male! If she's healthy hopefully in 6 months she'll be HPV free:) Oh i'm sorry, your profile says your a 25 year old male! If she's healthy hopefully in 6 months she'll be HPV free:) Hello, Recentley my girlfriend was diagnosed with HPV. Also, is their a chance I may have it from touching her then touching myself with my hand?

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