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Seeing her from far away, Song Joong Ki thought she was Sandara Park and got excited.

Song Joong Ki enlisted on the 27th of August, and the day before Sandara uploaded a picture of her playing the guitar and captioned it with " The guitar, who is my friend, has stayed beside me every time I was lonely or depressed....." came in as a guest for the second time.

Sandara, who is currently a panel on JTBC′s Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, spoke about the ban on the June 21 episode.

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” Sandara Park laughed and answered, “I am going to date a lot now.” Additionally, KISS shocked the audience when they revealed that the group disbanded after member Mini was caught secretly dating when the agency had set a dating ban.

As most of you may know, Sandara has stated on the first episode of Sugarman that when 2NE1 were releasing love songs she was dating at that time. He was quite sad after realizing that it was Song Ji Hyo and jokingly hurt her feelings.

The 2NI1 star alway want to keep her relationships secret. But she hasn’t been seen with a boyfriend in public since 2009, even on 2015 Sandara Park revealed she has been single for 2 Years because of paparazzi, also she said: “I think there’s something I was mistaken about.

I thought that I would get photographed if I dated.” She then reveals, “When I dated, the date in the car was the only thing I could do and we couldn’t even dream about eating together.

She jokingly said she thought she would be photographed if she dated.

The fact that her last date was always in a car and even could not eat together with him.

I guess they look good together, LOL, but really the point is Kim Soo Hyun is long of age to date and whomever he wants to explore romance with is fine by me, even if his legions of fans may feel heartbroken to hear one day that he’s really taken.

2NE1′s Sandara Park has spoken up about her dating ban.

This year 2016, Netizens have uncovered images from Sandara Park‘s ex-boyfriend from many years ago, recently, had resurfaced on the internet.

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