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My motivation can be seen from similar examples of calendar heatmaps in R and SAS (I’m sure others exist as well). Below is an example taken from this Revo R blog post. I can see in my data that there are cases with this date, and I can't seem to figure out why they are not being selected.

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In essence, the exact date and time value for this number of seconds can be displayed as 30-JUN-1997 .00.

In doing the SELECT IF statement the way you tried earlier, SPSS is taking into account not only month, day, and year, but hours, minutes, and seconds.

Most of the examples show numerical information over every day, which is difficult to really see patterns like that, but it shouldn’t be entirely disgarded just because of that (I would have to simultaneously disregard every choropleth map ever made if I did that!

It is easy to see from the plot that there isn’t a real strong tendency for any particular day of week, but there is some evidence of spurts of higher activity. If you need to plot multiple years, you either need seperate plots or another facet.

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