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Both disorders share the qualities of involving tempestuous and impulsive behavior, high levels of hostility, and difficulties with impulse control.

The fact that these two disorders are typically singled out from among the other personality disorders may not, however, reflect the fact that they have the only fatal flaws.

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Fortunately, the researchers decided to include levels of symptoms endorsed by participants rather than limiting themselves to what would be a much more narrowly-defined group fitting the criteria for a “disorder.” It’s not a good idea to diagnose someone else, particularly someone you’re close to or thinking of becoming close to.

However, because the study looked at people who didn’t meet the threshold for a disorder, the results are more likely to be applicable to a broader range of adults, including those you know, or maybe even you, yourself.

Individuals with this disorder have a highly unstable sense of self, are poor at establishing or respecting boundaries, and tend to see other people as all good or all bad, among their other characteristics.

As Disney and her team point out, people with these two personality disorders have high rates of marital unhappiness, separation, and divorce.

After performing the usual statistical controls, Disney and her co-authors developed a model that predicted the divorce rates associated with each of the major personality disorders, factoring gender into account.

This left them with two personality disorder symptoms, histrionic and paranoid, showing the strongest positive relationship to divorce consistently across all three sets of measures.

If they are able to get into close relationships with others, their distorted sense of self, unstable emotions, or out-of-control behavior mean that any long-term partners must be willing and able to put up with a great deal of turmoil, especially when life circumstances aggravate their already precarious hold on their feelings and behavior.

Among individuals with personality disorders who may seem to pose the greatest threat to long-term relationship quality, it’s probably the psychopath who comes to mind.

Your warning system may not be as attuned, however, to the two types whose personalities could actually predict more trouble ahead.

Few studies investigate the odds for divorce among men and women with personality disorders, or long-standing maladaptive ways of perceiving and interpreting one’s own self, feeling and expressing emotions, relating to others, and controlling impulses.

The term hysteria, from the Greek for “wandering uterus,” was conceived by psychoanalysts as a condition in which individuals (typically women) suffer from exaggerated emotional highs and lows, are anxious and preoccupied, and are overly impressionable and impressionistic.

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