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You need to go through both the original and the translated document and work out what is different and then update the translation so it is a true translation of the original.

Obviously, updating someone else’s translation can be more work than continuing your own.

When the original content is changed the existing translation needs to be updated.

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We get a complete original document and the complete translation. If you are translating from scratch then you just need to translate every sentence.

If you have to update an existing translation then the work is different.

Overrides: update in class Container See Also: paint( Graphics) , Component UI - Method in class javax.swing.

JApplet public void update (Graphics g)Just calls paint(g).

Until the record is saved, changes are stored in a temporary record called the copy buffer.

The UPDATE clause in an SQL statement changes data values in one or more records (rows) in a database table.

Sometimes, the term update refers to any data modification, including insert, update, and delete operations.

news that updates your information (hypernym) news, intelligence, tidings, word Verb1.

We have a number of clients that want to use our system to manage translations on their existing translated websites.

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