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“That way you can move to the outside hook if you’re on your period, since women tend to get a little bigger during that time.And if it gets a little stretched out, then you move it to the tightest setting.” RELATED: What the Perfect Breast Looks Like, According to Men and Women Step 1: Place bra upside down and inside out. Step 3: Twist bra around and pull straps onto shoulders.“The fabric breaks down when it’s constantly rubbing against the dirt an oils from our skin,” she says.

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“I’m a realist, and a busy mom, so who the heck has time for that? Instead, she advises using a cool water cycle, a gentle detergent (look for "free and clear" on the label), and placing your bras in a mesh garment bag. It all depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it.” Toss bras when they're fraying around the edges, the cups are stretched out, the underwire is bent, the tops are falling down, or you've started using the tightest row of hooks.

Just because the bra fitters at Victoria’s Secret determined you’re a 34C doesn’t mean that’s your size for every brand, or even every style.

“There’s no scientific evidence that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra will make a difference with what happens to your breasts over time,” says Amber A.

Guth, MD, breast surgeon and an associate professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit.

That’s why when online lingerie outlet Her Room released the infographic below—the best bras for your breast type (! Especially because, according to Tomima Edmark, Her Room’s founder and a bra-fitting expert, women aren’t as great at finding bras that fit their breasts as they are at choosing clothes that fit their bodies.“The most common mistake women make is buying a bra where the band is too large and the cups are too small,” Tomima says. A bra cup with a thin layer of foam can act as a nice filler to mold the smallness of your other breast.6. This is a nicer way of saying that your breasts are deflated or hanging.

“They’ll last you longer and you won’t be wearing the same bra every day.” This myth does hold a bit of truth.

Luciani explains that bras wear out faster when tossed in the washer; straps and hooks can get caught on other items in the drum, or on the center agitator.

RELATED: 5 Myths and Facts About Sagging Breasts This myth goes back to 1995, when a husband and wife team of medical anthropologists claimed wearing tight bras restricts lymph nodes around the breasts, thereby trapping toxins that cause cancer in the body.

According to the American Cancer Society, that study failed to follow standard practices of epidemiological research, nor did it take into consideration known risk factors for breast cancer and other variables..

Luciani says buying a bra to fit perfectly at the largest band size isn’t necessarily the best method.

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