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The subject of the email reads something along the lines of: “Acknowledgement of Order,” “Thank you for your order,” “Order Status,” “Order Confirmation,” or “Thank you for buying from [insert merchant name here].”In the body of the email, scammers will have embedded a link or attached a file for consumers to click on to access their “order confirmation” (e.g.“Open this link to see full information about your order.”) But, clicking on this link will infect the recipient’s device with malicious malware.He added that Ridge had just given Thorne the opportunity to design, so Ridge might not be that bad, after all.

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Ridge stated that Hope was a remarkable woman, and being so was what had led him to decide to rerun the numbers on reviving HFTF. Ridge wanted to support Hope in any way he could, but he didn't have the time to design for the line. Thorne quipped that it had to have been hard for Ridge to say. Ridge explained that Hope wanted to revive HFTF, and since their most experienced and talented designer was unavailable, Ridge had thought Thorne, a slightly younger and less experienced designer, could help Hope. Thorne stated that he'd actually wanted to get along with Ridge.

He had no doubt she'd make the line a success again. Ridge was serious, and he asked what her answer was. Thorne guessed it was Ridge's way of asking Thorne to design for Forrester Creations. Ridge quipped that Thorne had had a strange way of showing it.

She decided that she had to ask if, at some point before the baby was born, they could live together as the family they'd always wanted to be. Thorne stated that they could slow things down a bit, and doing so would give them something to look forward to.

Later, Steffy and Liam prepared to leave the office. Katie thanked him and was glad they were on the same page.

Steffy replied that they knew that it would affect the baby, but they could change it.

She asked Liam to let them be a family for their little girl. Phillips was filling Steffy in on taking folic acid. Phillips up to saying the baby needed Liam, but the baby did.

At Forrester, Ridge met with Hope, whom he'd invited to the office to thank for supporting Liam and Steffy. Ridge noted that Liam had shown up for the ultrasound, and Hope replied that it seemed to be a good sign. Ridge had reviewed Thorne's designs again and had decided that they were good. She thanked Ridge again and told Thorne that she'd call him with concepts. Ridge was glad because he hadn't known if Thorne would be into it.

It was a good time for Liam and Steffy, and Hope was rooting for them. Ridge corrected himself, saying they were better than good, which had been why the Aly line had worked in Europe. Hope thought of all the movements and causes they could tap into. Thorne said he'd returned to town with pride for what he'd already done, and he'd been eager to make an impact at Forrester.

He was proud of Steffy for doing all she could to take care of the baby, despite all that was going on. Liam asked her not to read into it, but she said she had to hold onto to it for them, their baby, and their future. At Katie's house, Thorne pressed Katie into the sofa and plied her with kisses.

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