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Egg addling or oiling should take place after the female has laid all her eggs.

Five censuses of Mynas and 20 of the Sooty Tern population were carried out between 19, and Myna depredation was monitored on 10 occasions between 20.

Of all seabird eggs laid annually, we estimated that 19 % of them were depredated by c. In declining severity of impacts of Mynas on all eggs lost, we estimated that 40 % was attributable to desertion, 39 % to puncturing eggs with no consumption and 21 % to puncturing and consumption.

were introduced to the small, isolated barren island of Ascension in the tropical Atlantic Ocean in the 1880s.

The founder population of 52 pairs increased at a rate of 2 % per annum.

In both situations the birds formed conditioned taste aversion (CTA) to the food and so for a substantial time avoided the food whether it contained carbachol or not.

Four captive ravens were subjected to 62 days of chronic food deprivation (72% of ad libitum diet) and periods of acute deprivation.

Geese will eventually abandon nests, but probably will not re-nest that year.

Spraying eggs with corn oil will block oxygen transfer and will provide the same effect as egg shaking (Only corn oil can be used because other types of oil are not registered for this use).

Mynas cause egg losses in other species by puncturing and consuming eggs, puncturing eggs with no consumption or displacing incubating birds that then desert viable eggs.

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