Outlook 2016 gal not updating exchange 2016

The problem with those solutions are that you need to develop it in the first place, then maintain it over time.

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This is where when the full global admin access to your Office 365 tenant is required, and broader permissions are granted for Cira Sync to your tenant.

After you've completed the authorization you'll arrive at the Cira Sync dashboard.

If you’re planning to use the Enterprise Edition, the account must also be an Office 365 global admin.

A lot of organizations don’t assign licenses to their global admin accounts, because they don’t need a mailbox.

The signup process for Cira Sync is as simple as authenticating with your Office 365 credentials.

The same signup process is used whether you are a single user (what they refer to as Personal Edition), or planning to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition to manage contacts for your entire organization.

Cira Sync needs some access to your account in order to read and write information, so you'll need to accept an authorization prompt for that.

The account that you initially sign in with needs to be a licensed Office 365 user with a mailbox.

After the first login, I needed to perform at least one sync as a single user before I could proceed further.

The default configuration is to sync the entire GAL to your contacts, which I have to assume is not what most Enterprise customers will want to do at this step.

Each of those sources will suit different scenarios, for example: Although the initial setup of Cira Sync requires global admin rights to your Office 365 tenant, you can then delegate tasks in Cira Sync to other non-admin users so that there is less ongoing management required by IT.

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