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Although I continue to participate in a 12-step group in my personal life, I've had my fair share of complaints from other Twelve Steppers.The irony with this is that other people not associated or acquainted with the 12 steps see it as bizarre."2.I discovered the cathartic release in writing and I was hooked.

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Sober for eight years, Mark said that during his active addiction, he was "addicted to things that would affect my mood." He identified alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana as his primary substances but says that even now "I still experience addiction everyday." He continued, "I'm hooked on what makes me feel good. I knew this was a sure sign that it was time to take my work public." I asked Mark what type of reactions he has received from his blog.

For that reason, I try to surround myself by worthwhile endeavors."I asked Mark, why a blog? "The online recovery community has been a great means of support. Liv’s Recovery Kitchen Olivia Penelle is a UK-based blogger who described food as her first drug.

Politics, sewing, religion, hobbies, lifestyle choices (mommy blogs, vegetarians, athletes, etc.), and just about anything else you can think of.

And if you think of one that is not out there, or you just want to add your voice to the chorus, you can start a simple blog without a great deal of high-tech training.

Often the sites almost sound like intimate conversations the writer is having with themselves or a loved one and I, the reader, am eavesdropping.

I compiled a list of 12 of my favorite recovery blogs and had the opportunity to talk with the bloggers, yet this list can never be all-inclusive.

I've been sober now for five-and-a-half years after having spent three months inpatient, and seven in a sober house.

I wouldn't trade this life for anything now, because now I'm helping others as I was meant to." I asked Daniel if maintaining the website has factored into his own recovery process.

As the title of his blog suggests, he hones in on the everyday, each average moment, to highlight the beauty and awe that most of us miss. I tried to get a few things published, and with the exception of a few poems in online journals, no one bit." Mark had a great deal of support from his family and said, "My wife bought me a book on 'how to blog' for Christmas.

His musings on addiction and recovery (as well as his poetry) are deeply genuine and touching. Also for Christmas, my mom and stepdad bought me the domain name for the site to inspire me to keep at it.

I realized that after 16 years of sobriety, I still had a lot to learn about both sobriety and recovery, and I was taken by the idea that if I couldn’t help those I loved I’d at least share my experience with others." Chris said the site has "absolutely" been a part of his own recovery process.

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