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NO nonsense TV personality Janet Street-Porter had high praise for Grayson Perry’s exhibition in Colchester..criticised the council for a lack of signs to the art gallery.

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“Someone like her will be looking for all sorts of things to see and will have a lot sent to her.

Visitor figures for the Life of Julie Cope, based on a fictional character from Canvey Island who died on Colchester High Street, topped Andy Warhol last year, by about 300 people.

Perhaps the key to happiness is not having a tiff on live television.

The last time Phil and Janet spoke on the show was when Phil made a very crude innuendo about her crotch.

THE evenings are getting darker, our sofa is looking cosier and the TV is getting better - roll on Autumn!

This week Jimmy Olsen stars in a fab new adventure series while Ophelia Lovibond, Lydia Bright and Ollie Locke try to survive on a deserted island and everyone’s favourite Tom Hanks character returns in Toy Story 3. Celebrity Home Secrets Have a nosey round Janet Street-Porter’s former homes in London, as she shares memories and secrets from her time living there.The 70-year-old came on to speak about find happiness during the later stages of life.She told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she made herself happy by trying different things as often as she can.Janet is a fan and friend of Grayson but was in town on other business when she decided to stop by.Ms Shaw said: “It was quite a quick chat but Janet was really interested in the show and what was going on at the gallery.Andrea Mc Lean posed the question to the Loose Women panel, which today included guest "boy" Brian Mc Fadden: how long they would wait before letting a partner see them nude? Saira Khan said that once she knows she wants to sleep with a man, she won't worry about showing him her body; while Nadia Sawalha joked that she would wait "500 years". "Obviously we'll be having sex on the first date, so… She followed this admission up with: "I have no problem with my body whatsoever," at which the audience applauded her."I've worked hard on my backside," she quipped, to which Brian remarked: "She's a squatter."Saira added: "I've got cellulite, stretch marks, wobbly bits, short legs, and I can't change it. "This brought on another round of rapturous applause.

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