Mythfilldatabase not updating

To fix it, change the "mythfilldatabase Execution Start/End" times to 0 and 24, respectively.

In 0.20.2 (and 0.20-fixes), the window is "moved" to a period of a couple of hours around the suggested time by the backend when the backend runs mythfilldatabase.

Ideally, you'll do this several hours (or a day) after (once again) trying "Re-Add All Lineups" on the Schedules Direct website. I deleted the video sources and channels from the database using mythtv-setup. Providers often do this so that customers can use the same "local"/broadcast channel number (that's often mentioned on air) rather than remember a provider-specific channel number to tune the channel.

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Now running this automagically USED to be an option somewhere in myth-setup. The machine has been graciously updated a number of times from 0.8 up to 0.20.2 now.

I ran thru all the options there and never found it (so never found if it were set on or off...) Am I blind? Before the most recent upgrade to 0.20.2 I still ran the grabber through a cron job, like in the bad old days.

Alternatively, once you have the majority of your channels defined, edit them manually to reflect any changes made by your provider.

Note, too, that mythfilldatabase will make /safe/ changes to your channels every time it's run.

Section 11.5 of the documentation in "Installing and using Myth TV"doesn't make any mention of the MFDB time, so it has been my assumption that it isn't accounted for.

Hence, I have not tried the automatic MFDB feature and instead have bashed together a script to extract the suggested time from the MFDB log and choose the earlier of that time and the time supplied by mythshutdown (my script is masquerading as the nvram-wakeup command used to set the alarm time).So, the only thing remaining is to see why Myth TV is choosing to use the same channel number for both channels, which I'll look into.I'm guessing it's doing so because the lineup data tells it to, but I'll verify there's no uninitialized data type problem or insufficiently-specific data retrieval problem in our code causing us to reuse one channel's number for the other. Running mythfilldatabase --do-channel-updates explicitly tells mythfilldatabase to make unsafe changes to all existing channels (even ones that your provider hasn't recently changed) because the user does not want to bother with updating channels himself.My issue is I have missing channels, duplicate channels and channels with the wrong channel numbers.I tried re-adding the video sources after I upgraded. problem that usually requires dropping and re-adding the appropriate lineup at SD. You'll need to provide something that indicates that mythfilldatabase is actually doing something wrong, as mythfilldatabase can't add channels that aren't part of the lineup.So, if mythfilldatabase is run manually, no one is updating the window and it may or may not line up with the last-updated window.

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