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It supports the words of Jesus in Luke referring to the Old Testament as “the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms.” This text fits with the claim of the first century Jewish historian Josephus that no new books were added to Scripture after the time of Ezra around 425 BC.2 Thus 4QMMT is remarkable evidence further illustrating that the Old Testament content was likely fixed in Ezra’s day and not by some Jewish council at Jamnia around AD 90 as is often claimed.Does our Bible today preserve what was originally written?Can ancient light be shed on modern issues of interpretation?

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However, some biblical manuscripts found at Qumran give witness to another Hebrew text tradition underlying this Greek translation, which validates the Septuagint as a faithful translation of a Hebrew text existing during that time.

These finds open up new opportunities for research into the history and value of translations.

As research advances, we are discovering more and more from these timeless treasures.

Christians and Jews have traditionally believed that the Old Testament was written from approximately 1400 BC to 400 BC and recognized as God’s divinely inspired Word at the time of writing.

However, the Qumran scrolls include previously unknown Jewish religious writings, adding to our understanding of Judaism during the New Testament period.

For example, these manuscripts reveal the diversity of the Jewish religious groups, beliefs, practices, and politics, which form the New Testament backdrop.So don’t miss this issue of Answers, which brings you up to speed on the ten best evidences for a young earth.Also discover incredible new examples of the Creator’s undeniable designs, a biblical view on political activism, the latest findings on the Dead Sea scrolls, and much more!Several first-century BC manuscripts talk about the Flood and confirm that our current understanding of a global, catastrophic flood in Noah’s day is the historical understanding of Genesis 6–9.8 These manuscripts also reveal how these ancient Jews wrestled with difficult matters of interpretation, such as the day-by-day chronology of events during the Flood.The Qumran scrolls also contain commentaries on many Old Testament books, as well as paraphrases.Prior to the discoveries in 1947–1956, the earliest surviving Old Testament manuscripts dated to around AD 900.3 The biblical Qumran scrolls, dated 250 BC–AD 68, take the dating of available Old Testament Hebrew manuscripts back one thousand years.4 Some early scholars questioned the ancient scroll dates ascribed by paleography, which studies changes in ancient lettering over time.

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