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Windows 10 might be the best mouse-and-keyboard OS ever made — but we’re not living in the ’90s or early 2000s any more, and the phrase oblivious and underwhelmed by operating systems, but they have certainly taught us that OSes are ultimately just tools to help us get stuff done.

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Outlook Express, an entirely different package and is mentioned only due to the similarity in it’s name, causes much grief to other Newsgroup users when it posts in MIME. Speech Recognition can introduce garbage into a worksheet, and it can slow things down and other strange things. (if it had a check mark, it was turned on) -- a problem, KB306537#27, frequently pointed out by Debra Dalgleish Those with Excel XP (2002)may run into a situation where Excel thinks a workbook is bad and quarantines it.

Look in HELP (F1) for “Disabled items” (Dave Peterson, programming, 2005-04-28) Startup Problems (Disabled files), Jan Karel Pieterse.

While there’s always a chance that Windows 10 triggers some kind of renaissance, it’s far more likely that it will be squished into ignominious oblivion by the stumbling, apathetic, and commoditized beast that the desktop PC has become.

If you’re old enough, cast your mind back to 1995 and the imminent release of Windows 95.

The Modal Dialog is initially opened: Is it possible to allocate 'memory' to the modal form so even if Access freezes, this is kept alive? Instead choose some reasonable interval, say every 100 rows, and update the progress at that interval.

The code is slightly complicated but its just Do Until (EOF) and If Statements - pretty basic VBA functions. Consider adapting the strategy outlined in this skeleton code.For Apple and Google, which make their money from hardware and advertising respectively, this downplaying of the OS has worked out just fine — for Microsoft, which based its entire empire on sales of Windows licenses, this is a problem.[journaling], [speech], [ext], [insert], [lastcell], [addins], [slowmacros], [speedup VBA], [recalculation], [openclose], [calc], [1-2-3], [memory], [leakage], [GDI], [objects], [pagesetup], [swapfiles], [VBE], [files], [elimxused], [defrag], [formats], [likeformats], [volatile], [checklist], [slowxp], [moreitems], [grayed], [temp], [timer], [reg], [related], [startup], [warnings], [search], [mskb], [slow], [updatesites], You are probably visiting this page because you were referred to it by someone in a newsgroup.The general recommendation in the Excel groups (and MS KB Q167081) is to turn journaling off.In Outlook 97: Tools / Options / Journal / uncheck Microsoft Excel and all other MS Office Products (Select all, delete) In Outlook 98: Tools/Options/Preferences/Journal Options If you try to check Outlook options, you may then start the Outlook installation process, so check your system first with search to see if you have on your system, if you do then check for journalling turned on.Save As a normal *file to eliminate the feature from your file.

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