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“One of the things I kind of did to make it seem more real was I established with the people we were trying to fool or convince that the director and I didn’t get along,” he said.The first person, the very first person we went up to, was a crackhead prostitute, and I’m not joking, who was completely deranged and propositioned me in my makeup.If I was a woman in prosthetic makeup, I’d probably get away with it easier, but most of the people who do figure it out either before or during while they’re on camera, they play along because of the spirit of the character and they’re so immersed in it.”But some scenes are just simple random interactions with people on the street.

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But not as much when she’s dead–except when they “play the dead mom card,” as their father pointed out.

Plus, showing the softer side to her sister already?

I loved focusing on how shallow she was in the movie and not her attempts to become popular.

I mean, I guess that adds conflict, but it’s just not the same.

She was extremely judgmental.”“A lot of this generation of women, come from that sort of more demure, almost ‘Mad Men’ archetype of women era,” he continued.

Since the show is on an IFC budget, some of those scenes had to be done in a “guerilla” style, according to Krumholtz.

Plus, this new guy is very nervous, no confidence at all. So why would she continue to be irritated with him after she threw him her snide remarks? I can’t really see her joining –look, four tweens just swooned!

There is more adorable sparks between him and Bianca than suave player behavior that just wants to get her in the sack. In the movie, if someone was in her way, she’d just tell them off and move on. If he’s going to be dangerous, he’d at least do that.

She’s desperate for popularity, and instead of running the school like in the movie–or at least the sophomore class–she’s desperate.

Oh, and the new students here are the Stratford sisters. In fact, Cameron has been there since fourth grade, I think it was. Bianca: Instead of being top dog, Bianca is now the wee penguin. She now the queen of the school, which bugs me since in the movie, she was confident but still in Bianca’s shadow.

He played Seth Goldstein in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and its two sequels, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

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