Is backdating a check illegal

However, this is not difficult to obtain and no fee is involved - IF you go to the right offices.

We wanted to make you aware of some changes which will be taking place to our licensing services over the next number of months; from Monday 9 April, the Public Services Card will be the only identification accepted to apply for or renew a driving licence or learner permit at NDLS.

I will be asking the Taoiseach again to declare a National Housing Emergency and to take real steps in addressing the desperate housing need in Dublin Bay North #My Name Is #Housing Crisis Given huge waiting lists in healthcare and housing, yesterday I asked Taoiseach Vardakar why he is diverting €3bn into the so-called 'Rainy Day' Fund (when for many citizens the rainy days are now) - you can read our exchange here: I am continuing to obtain information on road safety and the most recent PQ reply I received showed that there were more than 52,000 MIT checkpoints from April to December 2017.

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Many people were in contact with me worried about the withdrawal of the Versatis Patches from the drug-payment scheme.

Today I received a comprehensive reply to the PQ I raised on the matter You can watch the Dáil live on the following link.

To ask the Minister for Finance his views on the reported sale of a €4 billion portfolio of home loans and mortgages by a bank (details supplied) to subprime lenders and vulture funds; and if he will make a statement on the matter. Whitaker in the 1950s and the years of Seán Lemass, having objectives for a nation is important even if some or many of those objectives are not achieved, as happened with the last plan from 2002.

(Details Supplied) entitled project glas Permanent TSB I have always believed in indicative planning. The scale of Ireland’s infrastructure deficit is vast.

We look forward to seeing you then350,000 EURO available in funding and support for people with ideas and projects to solve social problems. Apply today/find out more at Applications open for a limited time only.

Today I received a reply to a Parliamentary Question (PQ) I raised with the Minister for Finance on the reported sale of PTSB mortgages to Vulture Funds - you can read his non-reply here: Deputy Broughan has recently been receiving figures relating to serious injuries in road traffic collisions and data on roadside Mandatory Intoxicant Testing results.Public Meeting - Yes to Repeal February 28, 2018, pm - February 28, 2018, pm Dublin Bay North Repeal the 8th group are hosting a public meeting on Yes to Repeal of the 8th Amendment.Speakers : Brid Smith TD & member of the 8th Amendment Dail Committee, Roisin Ingle Journalist and Choice campaigner & Helen Guinane campaigner with Parents for choice.From the end of April 2018, some customers will also be able to renew their licence or learner permit online.It is expected that this service will be available to all customers by late 2018.Do we need additional resources, specifically in the area of prevention?

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