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So he’ll have to set his “practicing medicine without a license lawsuit” aside for now. Remember, this is a mother saying this: This is also the mother who said the man who brutally raped a four year old should never get out of prison….should be shot she says. I’ll be right here every step of the way watching you and telling people what’s what.

The same woman who signed the RSOL petition to abolish life imprisonment, civil commitment, the death penalty and age of consent laws……….allowing pedophiles to legally have sexual contact with prepubescent children. The only thing she’s about is justifying the behavior of people who harm children all to get her “baby” off the registry. Because seriously now, to deny my first amendment right to counter your lies well………would just be ‘horrifying” wouldn’t it?

i stoped coming in for a while but missed it too much!

Karen Fletcher pleaded guilty to violating federal obscenity law based on several stories she wrote for her Web site, “Red Rose Stories,” which depicted the rape, murder and torture of children. “If anyone would have read the story and acted upon it, a little child could have suffered devastation that you would have had to live with for the rest of your life” The prosecutor, Stephen Kaufman said “The individuals willing to pay money to subscribe to this Web site clearly have a very strong sexual interest in children — not just a sexual interest, but a violent sexual interest” Ms Fletcher commented that she had been abused and just like the enabling women we keep running across she doesn’t mind the harm to children which her words aid and abet Investigators found 20,000 images of child and infant pornography on Metz’s computer.

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I've been coming here since i was 16 and I love this place. lol Thanks Dan for creating such a cool website for teens to meet new people all over the world!

She had 29 members each of whom paid a monthly fee to be able to read those stories. One of the images depicted Metz performing a sex act on Amber when she was an infant.

District Judge Joy Flowers Conti had told Ms Fletcher that she would’ve considered incarceration had it gone to trial…

Let’s take a look at Karen Fletcher’s plea agreement, what was included in her stories, and then we’ll look at what Tikibug “Miss Prevention” herself has to say about it. 15, 24 (1973) But what does Mary Duval say about this? Oh, not that the woman wrote it and publisihed it, but that she would be punished for it. I have said repeatedly that I do not blame Mom’s for fighting for their sons.

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