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More » “The Joy Luck Club” tackles family, Chinese immigrants and interracial love.

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How well do you know your interracial romance films? Harry Belafonte plays David Boyeur, a black activist who threatens Santa Marta’s white rulers.

At a party, David attracts the attention of the white Mavis Norman (Joan Fontaine).

More » Whereas “Island in the Sun” used melodrama to explore the topic of interracial romance, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” functioned as an intellectual exercise of sorts about the topic.

The values of white liberal couple Matt and Christina Drayton, played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, are put to the test when their daughter, Joey, returns from vacation engaged to a black doctor, John Prentice (Sidney Poitier).

But Angie believes she has no ulterior motives for her affair with Flipper.

Meanwhile, Angie faces disapproval in the Italian-American community for her relationship with a black man.Ted’s mother objects, but when he overhears her telling Rose this, he takes a stand and marries Rose.On a lighter note in the film, when Waverly Jong (Tamlyn Tomita) brings her white lover to a Chinese family dinner, his poor manners and cluelessness about Chinese customs and ettiquette embarrass her.Other biopics that feature interracial romance include “Mr. Loving,” “Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story” "Malcolm X" and "The Great White Hope.” More » Its provocative title hints that director Spike Lee aimed to court controversy in this film about a married Harlem architect named Flipper (Wesley Snipes) who meets Angie, an Italian-American secretary (Anabella Sciorra), at work and has an affair with her.Already married to a very fair-skinned black woman (Lonette Mc Kee), Flipper may be drawn to Angie because he, a very dark man, has issues with skin color, otherwise known as a “color complex.” Throughout the film, Flipper’s loved ones question his motives for romancing Angie, leading him to as well.When the Jets and the Sharks launch a full-on turf war, however, Maria urges Tony to stop the violence.

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