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"I don’t believe you can really look at tunnels vs. “I believe it’s more tunnels and washer-extractors.” Each system – the wash aisle laundry, the tunnel laundry and the “hybrid” laundry – has its pros and cons, according to Dineen.

The wash aisle laundry features automated or semiautomated functions that streamline loading and unloading.

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“The uniqueness of the machine is that each chamber is an individual washer,” Fesmire says. You’ve got separate chemicals, separate steam, separate water lines for every single cylinder. Its water usage has been tracked consistently at about a half-gallon per pound processed.

Another unique feature is its ease of access, Fesmire says.

– compare and contrast their washer-extractors and tunnel washers.

Groups rotated among the vendors’ representatives, who had 30 minutes with each group to discuss the pros and cons of the equipment, or, as was more often the case, the pros. While some facilities and their managers will always adhere to one technology over the other, Mike Dineen, Milnor vice president, is of the opinion that the two can be meshed.

And their labor costs can be higher when compared to tunnels.

A tunnel offers high productivity for large-volume plants, Dineen says.The hybrid laundry utilizes both a tunnel system and stand-alone washer-extractors.“Today, most laundries really are a mix, where you’ll have the majority of your work in a tunnel system, but at end of lots or if you’re doing COG [customer-owned goods], you can run them over on the other side.” Such hybrids are capable of handling anything that needs laundering and are ideally suited to compensate for washroom downtime.“When a tunnel jams, because every single one is going to jam, you have four bolts to undo.You press a button, an air cylinder opens and they [the chambers] separate 32 to 34 inches so you can pull out the goods.” Besides the 360 system, Ellis also offers a broad range of open-pocket and side-loading washer-extractors.— See Part 2 for the summaries of Jensen USA, Kannegiesser USA and G. Braun presentations from November 1999 to May 2011. – It was a little like speed dating, only with laundry equipment.

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