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On my second day, While eating, A very large Blackman sat next to me and put down his tray. He must have been about 6ft 8 or so,50ish,real dark and rather ugly.

Looking at him I was turned off but I remembered Hals words and thought this might be my chance to make a friend and be protected.

Irv had a soft soothing voice and obviously was trying to woo me. I started to like Irv despite not being attracted to him. Then I felt his thick black finger traceing circles around my pucker, It felt good and I moaned.

While we talked he put his hand on my back and minute by minute it slid lower and lower until it was almost at my ass. His fingers were huge and cool and I wriggle a little. As he began to push his finger in my asshole I wondered silently if the myth about black cocks being bigger was true.

Irv commented "HHMMMMM Nice and tight"Then Irv said "Hey baby hows about we get some privacy". He was gentle and carressed my ass the total time we walked, He was making me hot as hell and I started not to care about his uglyness. Irv sat on his cot, spread his legs and displayed his bulge. As my lips touched his huge uncircumsized cockhead they were instantly coated with his precum, It tasted sweet and I licked my lips.

Then I felt Irvs Hands forcing my lips onto his huge black cock.

Last year I had to do 6 months in prison (I wont get into the details of why).

Before I left, My boyfriend hal told me to find the biggest guy and make him my friend so I would be protected.

He beat lee min ho on that drama Used to love lee min ho but in that drama got attracted to woo bin more Hope he gets more roles.

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