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My year group was turning 16, the legal age in England for sex.

Of course, I didn't expect everyone to suddenly start having a massive orgy, but I felt certain things would start changing this year and I would have the opportunity.

"Now come on Rick, there's no need to hide from the culprit.

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I knew I was hindering myself but could never bring myself to do anything.

All fantasties I had about potential scenarios with any one of these girls hinged on my confidence, which was disappointing lacklustre, and deep down I knew this could prevent anything and everything from happening. My right eye itself was pretty red and looked like I had been crying..was surrounding by a sea of purple, slowly turning a darker shade. With my gelled up hair and ruggish attire, I looked strangely attractive. "Ah unlucky...that's not gonna do wonders for your reputation..you're going to have to walk into history with that showing, loud and proud to the whole room." "I know, not looking forward to everyone begging for the gossip." "I'll try and shield you as we go in" he offered.

My glasses had fallen off and I had stumbled backwards groggily.

Getting hit in reality is very different to what people expect.

I had about 7 or 8 female friends I was reasonably close to and felt I had realistic potential with, but I had always been pretty timid around girls.

I wasn't one to flirt massively or make my intentions very obvious, or even make a genuine move.

I wasn't going to go to matron and have to retell the story, I planned on going to the bathroom again and using more tissues to try and stop the blood flow..else was she going to do, wave a magic wand and get rid of the bruise?

I opened my eyes and walked on down the corridor, pushing doors powerfully with an air of frustration. To describe her, she was about 35 years old, with short, curly blonde hair.

My vision was a bit hazy and blurred and my nose was bleeding a bit but otherwise I was not too badly damaged. We would both end up in heaps of trouble, me for starting the physical violence and him for retaliating, it would be fruitless. "Nah it's okay, I'll just go wash my face, can you tell Mrs Hutchinson where I am? ' Beaten up by a year 10' is not the reputation I needed for the start of this year.

I'll skip registration and just go straight to history." "Sure thing Rick, you sure you don't want one of us to go with you? I had high hopes (/unrealistic dreams) for my chances with girls this year.

It was one of those big 'half the year group playing' style games of football and I had been naive enough to not realise how many others had seen "Haaaa Rick got taken by a 14 year old" someone else shouted. Now, why don't you go to matron and get her to sort your nose out properly? "Calm down everyone," Mr Smith said in a harsh but soft tone.

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