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As soon as she sees Cheri Anne, she sprints forward and throws her arms around her.

They're more like sisters, she says, and she's looking forward to the drive from the airport back to Thomaston.

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"This is her life, a new chapter." As Sheila waits for Britney and Philip to pick up their luggage, she prepares herself for the first thing she knows Britney will say ("I'm hungry") and the food she'll want to go out to eat (Italian).

Circling the airport, she thinks about how amazing her only daughter is.

At the curb near baggage claim, Sheila squeals when she sees Britney and Philip coming. Britney quickly tosses her luggage in the trunk and says she's ready to go.

She tells her mom she's starving, and that she wants to get Italian food.

The founder of Chili Soft, who cashed out with about $15 million has said that he's going to use about $11 million of that windfall to help educational causes in Central America.

This is, of course, very noble, and he is still left with a cool million, which I'm sure is enough to make his life very comfortable.

Her eyes tear up as she remembers her grandmother: "She's just always been such an influential person in my life." It's a sad time.

But Cheri Anne's cousin, Kathryn Ozley, has been smiling for the past 30 minutes as she waits.

In 2010, Penny learned she had a rare gastrointestinal cancer.

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