dating site in usa or france - Sissy submissive dating

I was previously owned for 11 years by a dominant male and miss this lifestyle so much especially knowing that I'm an owned slave for his pleasure.

I would love to meet with someone that wants a sissy slave and I'm happy to be owned again under his total control.

Looking to find a sissy crossdresser for training & without question abuse?

He looked completely ridiculous and I watched him biting his lip anxiously as we waited for my friend to show up.

At eight pm sharp, we heard the faint sound of high heels approaching down the hallway of our apartment building, followed by a sharp knock on the door. Barb stood there in all her regal superiority, a very attractive and successful woman of twenty-seven.

and then enjoy sexual servitude and sissification slut training, with a bit of cuckold chastity thrown in for good measure Its without question that when you look at submissive males as a whole non come close to the sub sissy male that basically live for one reason alone to serve a dominant female or master and there own sexual pleasure is pleasing them .......without ever questioning why or looking for any gratification themselves....

often due to forced chastity by being made to wear a CB-6000 chastity cage Often Sissified males will look towards the following: Anyone one of the above or indeed ALL are the basic requirements of a sissy crossdress male but above there deepest desire is to meet with dominant contacts of any sex and become there sissy slave & servant To give you some idea of the sissy crossdressing males we have within the members section I've added some sample profiles, photos and direct access to view ALL contacts ...will show all tranny contacts but once a member you can filter this to only show sissy males .........enjoy yoursubsissy UK - Shropshire I'm a sissy slave thats seeking servitude & further training from either a mistress or group.

I'm totally smooth and available for your pleasure and love oral, anal ( I do prefer bareback as I love Sir cuming inside me, but if sir wants safe sex that is your decision I do as I am told) toilet slavery, fisting and my mouth and face is eager for your cum and would love a bukkake meet.

Im a curvy slut thats 50 blonde and can accommodate - moresissyinlatex - Ireland I'm a very genuine sissy crossdresser thats seeking a mistress and should you not be local please don't worry as I'm am prepared to relocate to a new region so that I can live out my life serving you and being your sissy maid.

- more Imdonna1 - Devon I'm a sissy crossdress thats looking to serve dominant males (ONLY) I have various sissy dresses / outfits to please you or entertain your friends and will obey & serve men with any and all pleasure he asks of me.

I love getting onto my knees and having a man fuck my mouth and when told will bend over so he can use my sissy bottom.

When I caught him this last time, I was furious and I stormed out to go visit a good friend of mine who is very strong willed and supportive.

She listened to my story and told me shed come over and straighten things out, whatever that meant.

I'm extremely submissive sissy crossdresser that until recently was a full time slave to a Mistress where she kept me in full denial / chastity 247 and used me as her domestic sissy maid including being an oral & anal servant I was also told to do clean-up duties and occasionally her toilet.

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