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I don't know who wrote "Hey There Delilah", but even if Plain White Tees didn't write it, they still managed to make it beautiful. Just out of curiosty though, does anyone else think that it is kind of a rip of Good ridance by Green Day. When this song came out My husband was on his way to Iraq and we listened to it everyday, I listened to this song almost Everyday and it made me Cry but it also made me look forward to him coming home for good!! was the ringtone my 13 year old sister had when her bestfriend called her. He killed her mom,too.....I really could care less who wrote it,the Plain White T's made the best of this song. I'm not trying to argue with anyone,its just how I personaly feel and everyone should respect that. This is a common misconception, due largely to the fact that Tom is claiming he wrote it.

Yes, the chords are simple and so are the lyrics, but that just adds to its charm. On his Rand R he came home for 2 weeks and we became pregnant.. I'm having a girl and we are gonna name her Delilah.i am from Hong Kong and I like this song. makes me cry because her bestfriend was murdered about 3 months ago by her own dad . Matt from Cherry Hill is the most intelligent person on here so far because he knows what he is talking about.

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I don't think its about a pedophile; I don't know what the author intended. English is not my first language, I like this song. I cannot help bet laugh at the people who find that it 'reminds them of so-and-so'. Although I disagree about the song "sucking", he is correct in that NEITHER THE PLAIN WHITE T'S NOR ANYONE IN THAT BAND wrote the song "Hey There Delilah". It says the release date is 2005 but I hear all over the radio now on all the top 40 stations everywhere I have been in the country the last 3 months(Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma). I met a boy I fell in love with from a different continent but he didnt want to keep it going long-distance as he wanted us both to live our lives free.

I just think the interpretation lies with the listener. Have a concert because of this song, we buy tickets because this song easy to understand for the ESL student all over the world. The only song that can possibly me more obnoxious than this one is 'Roxanne' by the Police (by the way I like the Police). Was this released 2 years ago and it didn't get big or promoted til now?? I still love him and talk to him all the time and I know he misses me too but theres nothing either of us can do,we plan on getting back together next summer,but weather that happens Im not sure....... I say semi because we're not an item, but we could be except for distance. this song is NOT about an child predator, Delilah is in her 20's.Tom Higgenson WROTE it, so techincally it is by the Plain White T's, smart one.

May not be a thousand miles but it sure is going to feel like it.

:( I love him so much and just hope things work out between us.

She assumed he was joking, but when he delivered a CD to her home during Christmas break in 2005, there it was. "It really didn't get air time for a couple of years," she said, until 2008, when it was nominated for two Grammy Awards.

Di Crescenzo decided to accept Higgenson's invite to do the red-carpet appearance with him.It really is affecting because all these promises he's making are so similar to what i was promising her. while im not in a long distance relationship, this a real and true love song that alot of people can relate to... We met over the internet and were friends for a few months and he would call me just to talk.When we became boyfriend and girlfriend, it was the most amazing thing. He lives two states away and we both dreamt of meeting.for all we know the guy is home longing for the girl and the girl is out living up the life in New York City.Plus, it seems apparent to me that they'll never work out in the end.We talked about how his dream was to become a big star football player since he was pretty much the all star at his school and that once I got out of high school (in the two years I had left) we would somehow have a life with one another.

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