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But even among these astronomical numbers, the fastest-growing population of prisoners in the United States are women.Women’s prisons didn’t even exist two centuries ago, but today, there are over a million women in the criminal justice system. Between 19, the population of women in prison jumped 800 percent.

Many of these children are lost to their mothers forever.

The federal Adoption and Safe Families Act, enacted in 1997, requires states to terminate parental rights to children that spent at least 15 of 22 consecutive months in the foster care system, freeing them up for adoption.

For example, up to 90 percent of women convicted of murdering a man were also abused by that man.

No one deserves more tender, loving care than a woman in labor, but incarcerated women are prisoners first and mothers second.

When they are locked up, families are left with few options.

The lucky ones can be placed with relatives, but more often, the kids are sent to foster care.

Binding a woman during labor presents a host of unique problems for the mother, child, and physician.

Being born in prison isn’t exactly the best start in life, but there are some success stories.

The situation is even more grim for minorities, who comprise two–thirds of all incarcerated women.

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