Teairra mari and trey songz dating

He claimed that I would need his support when starting my new venture in life as a wife.

Yeah right, I just think he realized that I was the best friend he would ever have in life and decided that it was in his better interest to move closer so that he wouldn't lose it.

Not only did she have to learn how to live with a husband and kid, but she had a relationship to patch up with her parents.

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He thought he was so grown so, of course, he is staying in the dormitory on campus.

He really didn't want to live with a newlywed couple anyway so it was either stay with us, move in with his mom and her boyfriend or move in with Grumma Rose. Surprisingly, we have a new addition to the Petersburg family, Sammie graduated from Miles College in Alabama and moved to Petersburg.

Talking about his upcoming music, the Virginia native explained that all the current turmoil in the country, between politics and social issues, has had an effect on his creativity.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction She'yanna and Tremaine had just started their life together as newly weds.

Sammie has the upmost respect for my decision to be with Trey.

Although Trey doesn't completely trust him, the two of them are very cordial with each other.It was like ever since he became "Trey Songz" things began to change. All I know is some story about his music mentor leaving a Cd in the studio with "Trey Songs" written on the front.He saw it and decided that would be his stage name, only with a "Z" in exchange of the "S." Apparently, it caught on pretty well because that is all I ever hear now and he just knew he was the shit.I'm proud of him, but a little worried at the same time.He is always gone out of the state, women are throwing themselves at him left and right and all he does is party. Trey is a mean drunk-something I got a taste of when we were dating.It was the life that I was given and I gotta live it to the fullest..." Rightfully so, but how do we dedicated wives cope with that?

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