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Dweezil Zappa was also previously dating to Lisa Leob. Both of them came from a musical background and they even used to go on musical tour together.

But the two fell apart giving way to Zappa’s first marriage.

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He first played lead guitar for ‘The Fat Boys’ 1987 album Wipe Out.

Since then, he has played guitar for several artists.

There were several shirtless picture of the guitarist on the internet at the time.

But those reports seem to be false as he is in a happy relationship with his girl at the moment.

The musician has always had trouble with commitment.

His former partners have even openly criticized this trait of his.

’Zappa first met his wife Megan when he was going through a tough divorce with his former wife.

He claims that during that time, Megan helped him get him back into his feet and gain control over himself.

The late Frank Zappa's son Ahmet and daughter Diva continued their litigious war against their Grammy-winning brother Dweezil with new legal papers filed Monday.

The nepotistically-privileged siblings asked a judge to let them start a website countering the 47-year-old guitarist's claim that they're 'ruining his career' - according to TMZ.

Dweezil Zappa has revealed how he started dating her present wife Megan Marsciano and how she won over his heart.

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