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But they have differences: Security The Telegram developers are so confident about its security that they have offered 0,000 for any hacker who breaks their 256-bit symmetric encryptions.

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Happy occasions Although I have mentioned that women are turned on by anger and sadness, happiness is also another great turn on.

During her joyous moments such as after graduation, after getting a new job or even after she realizes that she is pregnant, she becomes excited and eases up.

You can try this for yourself by finding them in Telegram under @Kenya Power Bot.

Voice calls Whats App added a call functionality on the app.

Creative Pitch If a woman loves making use of her creativity often, like for instance in cooking, kneading, painting, musically, in art or writing, then during these occasions, she finds it favorable to have sex just to drive the satisfaction to her need-fulfillment.

Next time you spot that, she is busy doing something creative she likes, it would be advantageous to skid into the kitchen when she is cooking, into her room when she is writing and interrupt her creativity with a stint of sex. If a lady has been single for quite some time, and given that she doesn’t find one night stands enjoyable, then there are high chances that she has been looking for the right man to meet her sexual needs and put to an end her dry spell. Amid stress If your woman has been stressed up lately, she would gladly appreciate if you helped her release her stress.

You can also chat with someone without them seeing your number.

Pavel Durov, Telegram Co-founder, said he and his team built a communication that can’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies.

Telegrams also offers stickers that are suggested when you select and emoji corresponding to the emotion it matches to.

For large groups, Telegram may be the best IM as it can accommodate up to 200 members.

This voice over internet capability makes it cheaper to make international calls. Overall, Whats App might remain popular because of the number of people using the app.

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