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The pull of heroin can be strong, but there are many treatment options for this type of drug, including medication, rehabilitation centers, and addiction therapy.

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Currently Im wondering if this would work on a couch? i have had numerous guests over thruout the years as well as babysat and i never had nothing spilled or any kind of liquid on my mattress in all these years...

Our dog has this greasy hair and is leaving a smell on the couch. well lo and behold, i have a five year old shi zhu female dog who i have on occasion let sleep me overnight..

Newer, more advanced tests can detect traces of heroin in the system for a longer period of time since the last dose.

Many tests now look for heroin metabolites, which are agents creates when the liver metabolizes the drug.

By urine smell I mean more than half of this bed was covered in urine!!! I followed this step just as recommended and it worked like a charm!!! I also used this on a carpet where the other dog had diarrhea a few times.

It took the stains right out and there was no smell. it is a queen size mattress and i've had it for over ten years.

Alarmingly, heroin use has been on the rise in recent years, with the number of first-time users rising from 90,000 in 2006 to 156,000 in 2012.

Its use is spreading, from being concentrated primarily in poor, urban areas to more suburban and affluent neighborhoods.

However, there are many possible factors that can interfere with hair tests.

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