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Assim , existem mtodos que usam um nome nico ou um array de nomes de usurios e/ou nome de perfis: Roles. Remove User From Roles(user-name, role-names()) Roles. Remove Users From Role(user-names(), role-name) Roles.

method username argument can be the same value types as the username you defined in your config.

Definindo o parmetro is-online como true indica que a propriedade Last Atctivity esta atualizada no sistema membership tambm: Membership User this User = Membership. Get User(user-name) Membership User this User = Membership.

Se voc no especificar o nome de um usurio para o mtodo Getreols For User ele assume o usurio atual.

Ser retornado um array de strings contendo os nomes dos perfis: Dim role-names() As String = Roles.

The first step to creating a full-featured Power Shell provider is to be able to create a new drive.

The goal of this post is to enable the most basic functional drive that provides access to the ASP. Before you begin, make sure you have the project set up properly as I describe here, or you can download the project pre-coded (3.24 kb).

Not a big deal; this short snippit of code results in the same membership provider configuration defined by the web.config example: The only wrinkle is on line 4, where we reference a connection string by its name. Connection Strings collection is read-only, so how can we add a new connection string to it? NET Membership services to our custom drive object. NET Membership configuration code as follows: Note that the custom drive holds a reference to the ASP.

Simple, we cheat and make the collection writeable (many thanks to David Gardiner for posting a similar solution on his blog! Configuration; var connection Strings = Configuration Manager. NET Membership provider that is initialized in the constructor - since Power Shell caches the drive object, it's safe to save the provider reference.

Get User(user-name, is-online)Todos retornam uma instncia da coleo Member Ship User, a qual voc pode percorrer para obter uma referncia para cada instncia de Membership User ou vincular diretamente a um controle de lista para exibir os detalhes do usurio.

a qual expe propriedades que indicam o nome do usurio , a nova senha , se uma nova conta, informao sobre por que a atualizao falhou , e um parmetro Cancel que voc pode definir como true para evitar que a atualizao seja efetivada.

This information is possible to get by passing additional optional variables to the When using Active Directory, the above can give you very helpful information as to why the user cannot log in.

Such as a disabled account, a locked account, or an account whose password needs to change before they can login again.

Instead, state needs to be stored in a custom drive object that is returned from the New Drive method of the provider. This class is the most basic implementation of a custom drive object possible; go ahead and add it to the project: Note that the type of the users drive is now our custom drive object type - at this point, we have our first soild hook into the powershell provider system. You just pop in a little config section into the web.config and everything just works; e.g., this web.config sets up the Sql Membership Provider for a website: In Power Shell, there is no equivalent to a web.config or app.config we can use to configure the membership provider. Set Value( connection Strings, false ); // add a new connection string connection Strings.

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