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"When you have quantity, you can take your time to find quality." With the number of single millennials on the rise here, it is not surprising that dating apps have taken off in the past year.

According to the report on General Household Survey 2015 released by the Department of Statistics early last month, the proportion of singles among residents aged 25 to 29 years rose from 74.6 per cent to 80.2 per cent for males and from 54 per cent to 63 per cent for females, between 20.

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Still, he says the industry of bringing new people together socially represents a fast-growing US$1 billion-revenue-a-year market in Asia.

He adds: "There is an upward trend in the adoption of online dating by more traditional-minded Singaporeans in recent years." Dating apps may have encouraged a more lively and casual dating scene, but they have also created a new set of concerns regarding safety and harassment, especially of female users.

Lunch Click, for instance, has user numbers that are "over six digits" and it has helped to successfully match more than 149,000 users on offline dates since the app was launched in April last year.

Similarly, Blindfold, though launched in beta only in October, has made more than 30,000 matches.

Instead, users ask each other a series of questions from a pre-set list.

If they feel like they click, they can proceed to propose a time and place to meet, which is also done within the app.

Ms Lim, 36, says: "Dating apps have low barriers to entry, so safety was our priority.

By taking away the chat function, we can cut out conversations that don't go anywhere and prevent scammers from using the app." Home-grown dating app Blindfold takes security a step further by making each profile anonymous with blurred-out profile pictures.

He uses Tinder, which is arguably the mother of all dating apps.

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