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I decided to check out how Growbot responded to my dommely commands: That’s better I guess. Cons: doesn’t do a heck of a lot, is pretty much just a keyword-triggered random output of mediocre copy. Rating: 2/5 ballgags Another task-oriented bot, Howdy posits itself as a kind of office assistant that can be “trained,” which sounds appealing to me even if this kind of training involves fewer riding crops than I’m used to.I then tried the “kudos” function which is supposed to save up when people are given praise to a leaderboard, but couldn’t get a response. I asked Howdy what it can do, then experimented a bit with setting up checkins and meetings.Pros: the expense report thing is cool I guess, feel like it would incentivize finishing more than just a tedious form.

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Bots should be as forthright in providing proactive reminders of how best to interact with them, especially at the point of failure.

Ex: if an unclear command is given, an error or “I did not understand” message is never a bad time to guide the user and remind them of the parameters of your bot and what it is “supposed to” do instead.

I used to speak to her one-on-one and test out a variety of skills and commands. Going off this list, I tested out asking about movies playing near me, tried playing and navigating one of my audiobooks on Audible, what the news is today, and restaurant search.

Then I decided to see if Alexa was practiced in any service submission skills: I don’t mean to go around sexually-harassing lady-like bots, as I have a distinct objection to how people tend to abuse feminized AI.

BDSM is after all about architecting an interactive experience, and I think many of its lessons in getting the most from our submissives translate well to things we can improve about bots.

I rely on my submissives to give me feedback when the kind of commands I’m giving are unclear, or when I’m crossing a limit for them with pain or exhaustion.

Rating: 4/5 ballgags Gauging from the above, bots are in their best format a faster way of searching for necessary information, and in their worst a series of user-derailing tripwires laid across a poorly-formatted script.

I’ve only set up a few bots myself and I’m by no means an expert, but I do know a lot from kink about designing rules for an interaction, and teaching your submissive the effective vocabulary they should use to to communicate with you.

Pros: impressive voice recognition, even with sentences with complex or contingent requests with a lot of modifiers, household-practical across a broad spectrum of tasks.

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