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And that means a state of status quo denial in the "expert" media.

Dismissing the worst saves jobs and feel good disinfo for the short term.

I dont know about you all but im still stocking guns and ammo for when the SHTF.

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I think i'd remember a devastating storm if i saw one and all we got in late 2010 was some snow and wind. Martha March 14, 2011 pm (Pacific time)This is stretching my imagination ~ which is pretty stretchable ~ into views of unpleasantnesses I would prefer to leave alone.

We all need to face realities and do what is good for Life. I'd rather understand what's happening and DO things, thank you. Are the ones predicting all this also comforting us with things we might DO?

In the long term it'll only prove the insight of this article was spot on.

In short, perhaps unreal people, well schooled street dumb elitists who may have never suffered in life don't want to admit the worst.

Ancient text pooves this and I don't know why if it is not from the christian jewedo Bible or Darin's theory made before proof and just a belife back by the British monarch means it is wroung. Plato, the Sumerians, Egytions, sanscript, Mayans, the native Americans are mythology. Likewise, the earth's magnetic pole cannot be either shifted or altered, what i presume!

In that case the holy bible is a myth created by bit of truth from babylon, Egypt, cuneiform sumerian. Anonymousy March 14, 2011 pm (Pacific time)"The first evidence we have that the dangerous superstorm cycle has started is the devastating series of storms that pounded the UK during late 2010" OK I live in North West England and I can honestly say that's bull.

With any reasonable deduction of logic, reason or common sense, how can one not come to the firm meteorological conclusion that drastic changes in atmospheric polarity or magnetism would directly affect weather systems and explain the millennial climate change chaos?

Establishment science pedants tend to ignore the obvious since robot sheep who live in a perfect world refuse to believe they are vulnerable to natural fate.

Vickie January 16, 2012 am (Pacific time)Efficient restless leg syndrome treatment begins with defining, knowing and studying the roots of this syndrome.

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