Client profile updating utility

This problem was fixed in Pine 3.92, which was released on 18 March 1996, but As discussed in this August-2003 thread in the pine-info mailing list, this problem re-appeared in Pine version 4.56 and is still present in the latest version of Pine (4.64).

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You can read all about the fiasco and witness the flames in groups.

It is because of problems like this that Jamie Zawinski wrote the (now expired) Internet Draft Identification of messages delivered via both mail and news.

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In 1995 when people were using Pine 3.90 and 3.91, if an email message contained a Newsgroups header, Pine interpreted this to mean that the message was posted to the newsgroups listed in that header.

If a Pine user replied to this message, Pine asked if she wanted to post her reply to the newsgroup(s).

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Complete migration and coexistence for on-premises public folders, allowing users to continue to use them throughout the duration of the migration project.

Migration Manager creates a recycle bin for public folders during the migration project to minimize problems with deleted public folders and items within public folders during the migration.

If you are not so concerned about IMAP but you want a great non-GUI mail client, then Pine's main competitor is Mutt.

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