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The study was a randomized controlled trial, with participants being exposed to one of the following two conditions, lasting 16 weeks: (1) receipt of monthly printed materials about weight control; (2) an intervention that included personalized SMS and MMS messages sent two to five times daily, printed materials, and brief monthly phone calls from a health counselor.The primary outcome was weight at the end of the intervention.Among women assigned to the exercise arm (n = 160), we observed a strong effect of exercise on the main proposed biomarkers of interest that included an effect on endogenous estrogens, insulin resistance, inflammation and body composition [].

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Exercise has favorable effects on biomarkers associated with a lower risk of breast cancer, however it is unclear if higher doses of exercise provide additional effects.

No clinical trial has systematically examined how different exercise volumes influence the mechanisms underlying breast cancer etiology.

The BETA Trial is a two-center, two-armed randomized controlled exercise intervention trial conducted in 400 previously inactive, postmenopausal women aged 50–74 years, in Alberta, Canada.

Participants were randomly assigned to a one-year aerobic exercise intervention of either high volume (300 minutes/week) or moderate volume (150 minutes/week).

However, observational studies alone cannot inform public health guidelines due to their inherent limitations (e.g., inconsistent definitions of physical activity, physical activity measurement error, and possible confounding by other factors).

A more definitive understanding of the dose–response relation can be gained using a randomized controlled trial (RCT) study design.

Exercise maintenance was assessed and all study measurements were repeated at 24 months.

Blood will be analyzed for endogenous estrogens, insulin resistance indicators, and inflammatory markers.

Intervention participants’ adjusted average weight loss was 2.88 kg (3.16%).

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