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) are Americans of full or partial Mexican descent.

As of July 2016, Mexican Americans made up 11.2% of the United States' population, as 36.3 million U. residents identified as being of full or partial Mexican ancestry.

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Relations between Californios and English-speaking settlers were relatively good until 1846, when military officer John C.

Fremont arrived in Alta California with a United States force of 60 men on an exploratory expedition.

Many Mexicans were more loyal to their states/provinces than to their country as a whole, which was a colony of Spain.

This was particularly true in frontier regions such as Zacatecas, Texas, Yucatán, Oaxaca, New Mexico, etc.

As early as 1813, some of the Tejanos who colonized Texas in the Spanish Colonial Period established a government in Texas that desired independence from Spanish-ruled Mexico.

In those days, there was no concept of identity as Mexican.

Settlers in California tended to stay close to the coast and outside of the California interior.

The California economy was based on agriculture and livestock.

In effect this meant that the government took control of large and vast areas of land.

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